Basic Farrier Service

Fees for standard services are listed below.  Any additional materials or specialty products will incur an additional charge.  Payment for standard services must be provided at time of service.  Any additional charges will be billed accordingly.

Trip charge: $25                                         Front Shoe:$125

Full Trim: $75                                             Full Shoe: $175


Service Policies

Horses need to be caught and ready at the time of service.  If the owner will not be present at the appointment, horses need to be in a small enclosed area with halters and lead ropes available.  Horses which are not cooperative will be put back and a fee of $25 will be charged.  Horses should be clean and free of mud, if at all possible.  Horses which are not worked on due to any of the above reasons will be re-scheduled within the next 6-8 week time slot.



All clients must complete the payment section of the client information form.  On this form, a payment option must be selected.  3B Enterprises is no longer billing for services.  All farrier services are payable at the time of service.  All clients will be provided with both a paper and electronic invoice following an appointment.  Invoice will contain date of service, date of next appointment, services provided and total amount due.  Payments may be made by cash, check, Master Card, Visa, or Discover.


Credit cards on-file will be charged for any services following an appointment, which will ensure timely payments and avoid any delay in services. Clients who choose not to have a card on file, will need to provide payment via check, cash or credit card at the time of service.  If no payment is provided at time of service, the appointment will be cancelled and not re-scheduled until the next 6-8 week time slot.



A fee of $25 is charged for each check returned for non-payment or credit denial.



All horses will be kept on a 6-8 week schedule of care, depending upon their hoof care needs.  Future appointments will be scheduled at the end of each service.  Future appointments are on the calendar unless the client has requested otherwise by contacting our office.

Clients need to contact 3B Enterprises at least 48 hours prior to a scheduled appointment to request changes.