3B Enterprises, LLC & 3B Farrier Supply, LLC

3B Farrier Supply Store has moved!! Please check out our new online store at www.3bfarriersupply.com

Farrier Service & Supply

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3B Enterprises

3B Enterprises is a full service farrier business providing everything you need to maintain the health of your horse’s hooves.  The guys at 3B are skilled craftsmen and take their time to ensure your horse gets the best service. Their well-equipped mobile shops have everything necessary to get the job done correctly and efficiently, including gas forges for making custom handmade shoes on-site.

3B Farrier Supply Store

The 3B Farrier Supply store, located in Valley, carries a wide variety of products for the professional farrier and horse owner alike. Be sure to ask the guys about their favorite products and recommendations on how to keep your horse happy, especially through those cold winter months. The store is open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and Saturday 8:00 am to noon. Sunday and after-hours pick up is available. 

PO Box 705
Valley, NE 68064
(402) 677-8583 
(402) 677-6008
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